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Remove the disruptive elements in your business

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pareto principle.  He basically said that 80% of our problems are caused by 20% of PARTICIPENTS.  In my experience, in small-medium business that’s conservative.  I think it’s probably closer to 90:10, that is 90% of our business problems & hassles are caused by 10%

One thing I do with my clients is identify who these 10 or so % are. 

They might  be:

  • Difficult clients
  • Bad apple staff
  • Bad suppliers
  • Poor performing delivery systems

No doubt your mind is ticking over, as you think about who or what this 10% might be in your company.

But Whatever is causing you trouble & stress in your business, you need to seriously consider removing it.

You’ll be amazed at the relief once this is done.  In my experience, you’re probably not aware of how much this disruptive element is bringing you and your business down – until you’re totally free of it.

And this includes resigning the bad customers.  When you take into account all the associated costs,  Bad customers traditionally cost a company more than they ever realise.

And I’m not saying it’s always easy to get rid of these elements.  But, if you’re truly committed to growing your business, you will make the time and effort to do it.

With respect to difficult team members, one of the first things I like to do with business owners is have them rank their team members from most valuable to least valuable.  It’s common for owners to then look at the bottom 1-2 on the list and have the belief that they would definitely not hire those people again if they had the chance.  Then moving forward, once the difficult employee(s) is removed, the relief to the owner is always significant, and the business normally moves up. 

Can you imagine a life where you no longer tolerate anything that doesn’t work for you in your business?

FIND IT……..FIX IT or REMOVE IT……..MOVE FORWARD AGAIN  You’ll be amazed at what’s possible.

Real Edge

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